Meet the Goats
Who Make It All Possible

At Cattywampus Acres, all of our animals are special to us, but our goats are our passion! We raise Nigerian Dwarf Goats, American Lamancha Goats, and Mini-mancha Goats. They are all part of the family and certainly our most valuable employees. We wanted to give you an opportunity to meet our special girls who provide the amazing milk we use in our goat milk soaps. 


Howdy! I'm Jolene and I am a Nigerian Dwarf Goat! I'm a petite little thing but I always produce lots of milk! I am also the OG (Old Gal) on the farm, I am six years old. I love Citrus Sage Goat Milk Soap. Don't be fooled by my small size, I have the attitude of a goat ten times my size! I love snacking on grain too!


Hi, I'm Tina! I am a Nigerian Dwarf Goat and I am four years old. I am a little shy but I am a great milker! I was named after the llama from the Napoleon Dynamite movie. My favorite soap is Oatmeal, Milk, and Honey Goat Milk Soap! I can sometimes be found getting into trouble or stuck in some goofy situation that requires the farm boss to save me.


Hey there, I'm Peyton! I am full Nigerian Dwarf Goat and twin sister to Tina! I am four years old. I can be a little "in your face" at times but I'm easy to love. My favorite soap is She Dragon Goat Milk Soap! I love snacking on freshly fallen leaves and delicious treats from the garden. Occasionally I get a little lazy and like to lay around a bit.


Hey! My name is Veruca and I am a full American Lamancha Goat! I am three years old and I was one of the first Lamanchas here on the farm! It may look like I don't have ears, but I actually do. They are just small and cute! I like my soaps simple, so my favorite is Save Our Skin Goat Milk Soap. I tend to get a little loud when it's time to eat.


Hi, I'm Luna. I am an American Lamancha Goat. I am four years old, and I was the first lamancha to be milked on the farm. I make a lot of milk and I am also a camera hog! My favorite soap is Luna Goat Milk Soap, obviously! I like to eat, so I'm always the first one to the bowl at dinner time.


Welcome! My name is Opal and I am an American Lamancha Goat. I am four years old and I give the most milk on the farm! I can be a little crazy at times, but I'm still sweet. I really like our Refined Gentleman Goat Milk Soap because it's not just for the fellas - ladies like it too! I love hanging by the hay feeder all day.