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Goat Milk Soap Super Sampler - Cattywampus Acres

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Why Our Soaps Are the Best!

If you walk down the “soap” aisle of any big-box store, you will see that it is full of soap imitations. You will see body washes, skin cleansers, and more. I’m here to tell you that they don’t put “soap” on their labels because they aren’t actually soap! To be considered a soap, the product must use some type of lye and fats.

Soap was made the same way for thousands of years. Then companies decided that they could make more money if they could sell you a product to dry your skin. They'd then sell you something to moisturize it. Not fair right?

We originally started making goat milk soap as a project to use the excess goat milk we had. When we tried it, we discovered just how amazing it feels on your skin! We started giving our soap bars to friends and family as we developed the perfect formula. Everyone loved it and told us we should make more of it. So we did!

Our soap is made with natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals. Your skin with never feel better or healthier! Whether you deal with dry skin issues or just want to smell and feel great, Cattywampus Acres Goat Milk Soap is for you!