I have sensitive skin. Can I use your soap?

  • Actually the majority of our customers deal with sensitive skin issues, even including psoriasis and eczema. So yes! Our soaps are good for all skin types due to the fact that we use no harmful chemicals and the goats milk is a natural moisturizer.

Why goat milk?

  • Goat milk contains lactic acid, which is said to remove dead skin cells from the skin and pull moisture to the surface of the skin. Your skin is the body’s biggest organ. Goat milk can feed your skin with fatty acids, probiotics, and vitamin A. It will be the best thing you’ve ever put on your skin. 

How long does one bar last?

  • On average we find that a shower a day makes a bar last around 4-5 weeks. If you use one of our sisal bags to scrub with, you can easily use it until the very last drop. 

Can I use this soap above the neck?

  •  Because our goat milk soap is full of healthy oils and goat milk, you can use our bars to wash from head to toe!