Using Goat Milk Soap for a Sunburn

The Best Soap for a Sunburn

Those warm summer days on the beach or by the pool can be quite relaxing. But the intense sun exposure that often accompanies those relaxing times can be rough on your skin. A sunburn is zero fun and the pain usually lasts a few days until your skin is able to heal.

There are many proposed ways to alleviate the pain from sunburn including applying cold aloe vera to the affected area and taking a cold shower. But did you know that goat milk soap can also help your skin heal after it is damaged by the sun? It can! Goat milk soap contains many moisturizing properties that can help your skin heal faster.

The soothing properties of goat milk make our goat milk soap a great choice for soothing your skin after a sunburn. Goat milk contains a wide range of vitamins, minerals, and natural fats that can hydrate sunburned skin and promote faster healing. Below are some of the reasons why goat milk soap is a great option for sun-damaged skin.

1. Moisturization

Goat milk contains fats and proteins that moisturize skin. This can help to soothe the dryness and tightness often associated with sunburn.

2. Anti-inflammatory Potential

The fatty acids and proteins found in goat milk have anti-inflammatory properties that help calm irritated and inflamed skin.

3. Vitamins and Minerals

Goat milk is loaded with Vitamin A which is important for skin regeneration. It also has lots of Vitamin E, which has antioxidant properties that protect skin from further damage.

Using Goat Milk Products for Sunburn

1. Cold Compress with Goat Milk

If you have access to fresh goat milk, create a cold compress by soaking a clean cloth in chilled goat milk and gently applying it to sunburned areas. This should alleviate discomfort and provide a soothing sensation.

2. Mild Cleansing

Be sure not to use conventional soap or body wash on sunburned skin. The chemicals and fragrances in those products will dry your skin as opposed to soothing and moisturizing them. Use a chemical-free, all-natural option like our goat milk soap instead.

3. The Patch Test

Before using any new product on damaged skin, we always recommend performing a “patch test” to ensure that no allergic reactions occur. Apply it to a small area and wait a few minutes to check for any adverse reactions. While our goat milk soap is very mild and made with all-natural ingredients, this is the safest way to ensure that your skin likes it.

Prevention is Key

While goat milk soap can provide some relief for sunburned skin, it is important to note that there is not any scientific research specifically on the benefits of goat milk for sunburn treatment. Prevention is key when it comes to sunburn. Always use sunscreen with an adequate sun protection factor (SPF), wear protective clothing, and seek shade when necessary. If you experience severe sunburn, always contact a medical professional for assistance.

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