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Shave Kit

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Our Shave Kit comes with everything you need for the perfect shave! It includes our goat milk shave soap for the best lather and smooth gliding across that chiseled face. What is a shave soap without an old-fashioned shave brush to work up at lather? So you get that too! We also threw in our Shave and Beard Oil, which you can use pre and post shave, or on whatever facial hair you have. You get to choose what oil you want!


You probably saw your Dad or Grandpa shaving when you were growing up and wondered to yourself, "what's the deal with the brush and mug and stuff?" Well, I'm here to tell you that they had it right! When we started introducing these alcohol and detergent based shave soaps and shave gels into our shaving routine is when we saw razor bumps and skin irritation go through the roof. 

You will love our Shave Kit which is our old-fashioned, yet modern take on shaving your face. Our Goat Milk Shave Soap will provide excellent lubrication for those modern super-sharp razor blades, but it will also nourish your skin like all of our amazing goat milk soaps. Grab your brush, get it wet, work up a lather in the tub, and brush it on! It's simple and great for your skin. 

Your Shave Kit also includes our shave and beard oil to help you out whether you are clean-shaven or bearded! Our oils are hand-blended with every single oil having a pourpose. A lot of our customers have replaced their aftershave and solely use our oils, to help the face feel great!

Our shave kit will be the best shave you've ever had! You will thank us, because your skin feels great. Your partner will thank us, because they can't get enough of that perfect face of yours!


Goat Milk Shave Soap


• Sustainably-sourced
• Great for all skin types
• Won't leave your skin feeling sticky
• All-natural with no harsh ingredients
• Relieves eczema and other skin issues

Each bar of Sunday Best goat milk soap should last a month on average, depending on how often you bathe and just how dirty you are! We recommend bathing at least once a day to combat any and all foul odors. This will also make it more likely that your significant other will let you sleep in the bed as opposed to snoring outside with the dogs.


Cattywampus Acres Goat Milk Soap