Sisal Soap Bag

Sisal Soap Bag

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Our natural sisal soap saver bag works amazingly to exfoliate your skin.  When you keep your goat milk soap bar in this bag, it will let you use your soap down to the last sliver! Hang it up to dry after your shower and it will let it air dry to extend the life of that amazing soap!

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Sure, your Cattywampus Acres goat milk soap is great soap all by itself, but wouldn't you like a better scrub....and a longer lasting bar?? Of course you do, that's why a sisal soap saver bag is right up your alley! Complete the full goat milk soap experience with a scrubber bag.  

A sisal soap saver bag will allow you to use your goat milk soap down to the last speck of sudsy goodness! When you finish you clean routine, hang up your bag, let it dry, and you will get far more life out of your goat milk soap.


Sisal Soap Saver Bag Cattywampus Acres


• Sustainably-sourced
• Great for all skin types
• Won't leave your skin feeling sticky
• All-natural with no harsh ingredients
• Relieves eczema and other skin issues

Each bar of Sunday Best goat milk soap should last a month on average, depending on how often you bathe and just how dirty you are! We recommend bathing at least once a day to combat any and all foul odors. This will also make it more likely that your significant other will let you sleep in the bed as opposed to snoring outside with the dogs.


Cattywampus Acres Goat Milk Soap